Recent Changes

The Deke Foundation was founded as the Rampant Lion Foundation in 1982. In 2016 it requested and was granted by the State of Michigan a “doing business as” status as the Deke Foundation. Therefore the official corporate name of the organization is the Rampant Lion Foundation, but it will be known as the Deke Foundation.

This change was made to widen the appeal of the Foundation, and to better reflect our new direction, which is to support Delta Kappa Epsilon’s educational efforts. The name Deke Foundation should strengthen the understanding among alumni and undergraduates alike that the Foundation exists to support the chapters and members of the DKE Fraternity.

Deke Quarterly

Deke Quarterly

The Deke Quarterly’s Spring edition included an article on the new direction of the Deke Foundation. The article summarizes the major changes coming our way with respect to the Foundation in 2017. You can read that article by clicking here

The Deke Foundation’s assets are managed through an account with Raymond James Financial (Tuscaloosa, AL office). Financial reports are prepared by the accounting firm Greek Resource Services, based in Tuscaloosa, AL. Legal matters are typically referred to Fraternal Law Partners, Cincinnati, OH. That firm is not on retainer but is generally who the Deke Foundation relies on for legal opinions about governance, procedures, etc.