Grant Procedure

The grant process is a five-step process.

Grant Procedure / Request Form

  1. The requesting organization (such as Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity) submits a grant request to the Deke Foundation. Grant Request form is here. The request includes the amount requested, who will benefit from the grant, the purpose of the request, and why it (the requesting organization) believes the grant would comply with the Foundation’s criteria.
  2. The Foundation’s Grants Committee reviews the request, including all supporting documents, etc., and makes a recommendation to the full Board of Trustees.
  3. Full Board of Trustees votes to approve or deny the request.
  4. If a grant is made and funds are disbursed, the requesting organization must submit a report to the Foundation within six months after disbursement, explaining how the funds were used, and certifying that the funds were used for the requested purposes.
  5. The Deke Foundation’s Grants Committee reviews the certification report from the requesting organization, and either approves it or requests clarifying information.

The Deke Foundation’s assets are managed through an account with Raymond James Financial (Tuscaloosa, AL office). Financial reports are prepared by the accounting firm Greek Resource Services, based in Tuscaloosa, AL. Legal matters are typically referred to Fraternal Law Partners, Cincinnati, OH. That firm is not on retainer but is generally who the Deke Foundation relies on for legal opinions about governance, procedures, etc.