Deke Foundation


The Deke Foundation is governed by a eight-man Board of Trustees.

  • Paul Mullin
    Paul Mullin Sigma Beta-UCSB 1993
  • Stanford McMillan
    Stanford McMillan Gamma-Vanderbilt 1989
  • Doug Lanpher, President
    Doug Lanpher, President Gamma-Vanderbilt 1977
  • C. Allen Favrot
    C. Allen Favrot Tau Lambda-Tulane 1947
  • Carmen Davoli
    Carmen Davoli Phi Gamma-Syracuse 1961
  • Robert Cudd, Treasurer
    Robert Cudd, Treasurer Alpha Chi-Trinity 1969
  • P. Albert Bienvenu, Secretary
    P. Albert Bienvenu, Secretary Zeta Zeta-LSU 1970
  • Edward “Tee” Baur
    Edward “Tee” Baur Beta-North Carolina 1968

The Foundation has no full or part time employees.

The Deke Foundation’s assets are managed through an account with Raymond James Financial (Tuscaloosa, AL office). Financial reports are prepared by the accounting firm Greek Resource Services, based in Tuscaloosa, AL. Legal matters are typically referred to Fraternal Law Partners, Cincinnati, OH. That firm is not on retainer but is generally who the Deke Foundation relies on for legal opinions about governance, procedures, etc.

Grants Committee

to consider grant requests from Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity or other requesters, and make recommendations to the full Board. Chairman:  (TBD)

Investment Committee

to oversee the Foundation’s investment decisions and recommend investment strategies to the full Board. Chairman: Stanford McMillan.

The Committees will make recommendations to the Board, but with regard to governance, it has been the practice of the Foundation for all major decisions to be made by the full Board, rather than by Committees.